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      First, let's correct a 50 year old mistake. According to Neal: "I guess after 50 years it's about time to get the spelling of my name correct.  Actually I spell my name "Neal".  The year book has it wrong!  The spelling of Neil is usually short for Corneilus. Most of my friends still call me "Skip", a nickname I received when I was two weeks old." Now, on to Neal's bio.

Pat Ellen & Neal

      My academic life included four years at the University of Notre Dame for a B.S. in electrical engineering and one year at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute for a master of science in management.  After all this schooling I have to admit the most important course I ever took was the ½ year of typing at R.H.S.  Sure does help  in communicating these days.  Spent the next 15 years working for New York Telephone and living in Huntington, with the exception of two years spent on a rotational assignment at Bell Labs in Holmdel N.J. 
      I think it was some where between Cold Spring Harbor and Huntington  when I was stuck in the blizzard of 1977 on the LIRR that I decided to move to Florida.  Several months later I transferred to Bell South in their Strategic Planning Department.  After the first move subsequent moves became easy.  My wife (of 41 years) Pat Ellen and I have lived in Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Jupiter, and now reside in Ponte Vedra Beach (north Florida).
       In 1995 BellSouth made me an offer I couldn’t refuse and I took early retirement--the smartest thing I ever did.  Up until last year we have been spending our summers in the Philadelphia area renting from a couple who summer in Maine.  My wife still has many high school  friends in the area and we escape the hot summers of Florida.  Our recent move to Ponte Vedra Beach also brings us closer to our two grandchildren (plus one on the way).   I still enjoy playing tennis and somehow manage to stay busy in retirement.

Neal Galione
December 2006