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So far we've found and verified the whereabouts of 113 classmates and 15 friends of our class.

Only 1 Classmate & 15 Friends of Our Class to Go

If you have any inkling as to the whereabouts of our missing classmates please contact Gina immediately. A lead might include: e-mail address; phone number; name of spouse; location of parents, siblings or children; college attended; state classmate resides in; etc. If the address we have is correct but the classmate has not verified, please let Gina know that, too. The 50th is a very special reunion and we want to include everyone! Please respond to:
Gina (Zmorzynski) Morse

Missing RHS 1957 Graduates:
Bjorg Gudjonsson -
       Moved to Iceland during Sr. year - no other information

Missing Friends of our Class:
Teresa Behringer - no information
Stephanie Bendersky - no information
Henry Davis - no information
James Desmond - lead suggested Westport, CT
Gail Ellis - no information
Sandra Fellows -
       last reported as a teaching nun at Marymount College
J. Fromartz - no information
Robert Latopolski - no information
Sandra Mannison - no information
Delores Molinaro - no information
Margaret Morace - no information
Michael Stanton - no information
Lois Stern - no information
R. Sunderlin - no information
C. Williams - no information