Edward Curran
Roslyn High School - Class of 1957
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"A leader of men and a follower of women." (Stanley)

Eddo   .  .  .  efficient G.O. President   .  .  .  zany   .  .  .  football star   .  .  .  "how're ya all?"   .  .  .  Five Fathoms Pres.   .  .  .  . save your Confereate money boys, the South will rise again!!"

  Eddo is currently living in San Anselmo, California.
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Eddo and Nancy Curran  (Dubrovnik April 2007)
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And the drum beats on...

Significant Accomplishments:
• Ran the Boston Marathon
• Climbed the Matterhorn
• Did time in a Puerto Rican jail
Most awkward moments:
• When I got run out of Rio de Janeiro
• When I got run out of Saudi Arabia
• When Princess Grace poured a beer down my crotch
Weirdest Moments:
• The time the Catholic Church demanded that I swear to the fact that I was a liar
• When almost I got nabbed for being a spy in the Middle East
Defining Moment:
• My Sophomore Year at the Naval Academy they placed me on probation for (get this!) being an eccentric (moi?)
Greatest Dissappointment:
• My Chardonnay wine (I make my own). I sent a sample of it to the laboratory at the University of California in Davis. The lab report that came back read, “Dear Sir, We regret to inform you your horse has diabetes”
Most Wonderful (and amazing) Mmoment:
• Running into “the Little Phillips Girl” (my mother dubbed Nancy with that). Nancy’s parents and mine knew each other years before we were born. We saw a lot of each other as toddlers, but absolutely nothing of each other as teenagers, prompted by parental pressure for us to date. Many years later, some 3000 miles away from home, we ran into each other on the Streets of San Francisco. Thunderbolt! sparks flew…we moved into a studio apartment on Russian Hill, the rest is history.

September 2007