Arthur Herrick
Roslyn High School - Class of 1957
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"There never was a red haired saint." (Darley)

"Red" . . . forever joking around . . . blue Buick . . . appreciation of money and girls . . . wants to go to G. M. Institute . . . distinctive artist (cartoons).

  Art is currently living in Centereach, New York
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         What can I say about my life for the past fifty or so years without putting you all to sleep. I didn’t climb Mount Everest, or fight off an attack by pirates, or anything else that would make for exciting reading. In any case, it had its ups and downs in all these years, but in the end seems to have worked out okay. I spent about 26 years in the auto service industry in various roles, and then in the early eighties I went back to college to study Computer Science, graduating with a B.S. in 1987. I got a job programming computers for Suffolk County in 1984, and stayed there until January 4, 2006, when I retired.
          I went thru two wives, but for the last eleven years I've been hanging with a very nice lady who has been quite good

Norwalk Islands July, 2004     Click to Enlarge
for me. We do a lot of traveling together, went on a bunch of cruises, and have more planned. My current occupation, between skiing and sailing, has been renovating my house. I sometimes think work was easier.

Art Herrick
April, 2007