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Edmund Meagher 1915-2009
  July 15, 2009 Scroll down for more

We received this heartfelt thank you note shown belowfrom Mari Paz. (rest your cursor on it to turn over) If you're having trouble reading it here's Gina's transcription:

July 15, 2009

Dear Mrs. Morse:

I have received your wonderful letter and the phtographs of the ceremony. I think it has been a magnificent gesture in honor of my husband and something he would have appreciated enormously. He loved his profession. I am very happy for Stephanie Wang and very impressed by her achievements that take her to Harvard.

The plaque in the Mathematics Department with his name would have made him more than happy.

I told my son and he also was very impressed and proud of his father and very grateful to all of you as I am.

My thanks to Mr. Benson for all his work and care. I'm profoundly grateful to all of you that have taken part in this beautiful event.

Mari Paz Meagher

p.s. Ed could not have had a better memorial. - MPM

  June 24, 2009
We received this gracious thankyou note from Stephanie Wang. (click on it to open)

Click Here to Open
  June 10, 2009

The Meagher Math Prize was awarded to Harvard-bound RHS Senior, Stephanie Wang in June. Shown above (L to R) are David Benson, RHS Class of 1957, Stephanie Wang RHS Class of 2009 and Steve Weiss RHS Math Chair.

The following remarks delivered by David Benson were written by Gina Morse and David Benson. They were well received by an audience of over 600 students, teachers and families at the RHS Community & Academic Awards held in the beautiful RHS auditorium.

Hello. Every class has a favorite teacher. He or she is the one who engenders respect because it is reciprocal; the one who makes memorable comments; the one who can make you the butt of a joke but you don’t mind because it is done good naturedly; the one who makes a difficult subject interesting and gets you to learn in spite of yourself; the one who will go the extra mile to make sure you understand the concepts being taught; the one who cares about you and wants you to succeed. The one you will remember with gratitude and fondness long after you graduate.

Our algebra teacher, Edmund L. Meagher, was that favorite teacher for the Roslyn High Class of 1957. A true character, Mr. Meagher could rouse a daydreaming student with a perfectly-aimed blackboard eraser, and he frequently gave students nicknames that they regarded as a badge of honor. Mine was “Deadly Dave”. I'm not sure if this referred to my prowess with math or some long forgotten dark secret of my youth.

Ed regularly corresponded with one of our classmates and just this year said, “Remember, I will always be your teacher”. Because of Ed Meagher, several members of our small class of 115 were inspired to enter the field of mathematics, achieving the doctoral level and teaching math or economics in universities.

In a letter to our class on the occasion of our 50th reunion, Ed Meagher recounted his life and, in particular, his days as a student and the excellent teachers who helped him along the way. One teacher learned that financial need stood in the way of Ed’s attending college. That teacher encouraged Ed and even loaned him the money to register. This story is what gave us the inspiration for the Meagher Math Prize.

To get a quick plug in here, you can read more about Ed and our class on our website RHS five seven dot org.

Mr. Meagher passed away this year at age 94. One of our classmates provided the perfect epitaph: "Mr. Meagher will be forever a part of us..." And we're proud to honor his memory with our Meagher Math Prize to Stephanie Wang. We hope, in some small way Mr. Meagher and the Classes of 1957, 58, 59, 60 and 61 will be a part of Stephanie's success.

One more quick thing. In the last years of his life, Ed knew we loved and respected him. I know it meant a lot to him. I hope seeing me here tonight and hearing this story will encourage you to thank your teachers when you have a success. Just don't wait fifty years to do it. Thank you.

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