Alice Jacoby
Roslyn High School - Class of 1957
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"The heart to conceive, the understanding to direct and the hand to execute." (Wolfe)

"Pint-size dynamite . . . big, brown "muddy" eyes . . . Burt . . . gets things done on time and with precision . . . Honor Society . . . just call her "Chief" (Editor of this Yearbook!)

  Alice is living in San Francisco, California

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           After graduating from Barnard College I earned a Master’s degree from Stanford University followed by a year in London as a Fulbright Scholar.  I was married to Phil Wolfson in 1968, divorced in 1991. (We’re still good friends) We moved to Washington, D. C. in 1969 and to San Francisco in 1977.    Had two sons, Noah and Eric.  Noah died when he was sixteen following a four year battle with leukemia. Eric, who is 31, is a film maker.   I was active in the early women’s liberation movement, in particular, the women’s health movement.  I organized and led demonstrations during the Senate investigations of the birth control pill demanding informed consent for the millions of women who were then on the pill.  The demonstrations led to the first patient package insert on prescription medication in the United States.   I believe that the pill hearings were the first time women, as a group, became visibly determined to gain control over their bodies.
            In 1975 I was one of five founding members of the National Women’s Health Network.  In 1977, after moving to San Francisco, I founded the Committee to Defend Reproductive Rights and worked as the Executive Director until 1986 when I began attending Hastings College of the Law.  I have been a plaintiff’s attorney specializing in “insurance bad faith” i.e. suing insurance companies that don’t pay when they’re supposed to, since 1990. Most of my cases involved disabled insureds.   In 2006, I stopped litigating and am presently working in San Francisco for United Policyholders, a non-profit whose objective is to help insurance policyholders through education.   I have lived a life filled with great sadness as well as great joy and a life I could not have imagined when I graduated from Roslyn High School so many years ago.  It’s been fun catching up with all of you.  I’m sorry I won’t be able to be at the reunion.

March, 2007

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