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Roslyn High School - Roslyn, NY
Class of 1957

Here's what's new on the site:

We received a lovely thank you note from Mr. Meagher's wife, Mari Paz
We received a thank you note from Stephanie Wang the Meagher Math Prize recipient.
Meagher Math Prize awarded to Harvard-bound RHS Senior, Stephanie Wang on June 10th, 2009. Photos and remarks by David Benson here.
Photos at dinner April, 2009 in South Florida with Pete Goldman who was in from Capetown for a short stay.
Recent photos of
Mr. Meagher and
his wife Mari Paz.
Edmund Meagher passed away Feb 1, 2009.  Read more about this and Gina's email including the letter received from his wife. We are currently fund raising for the Edmund Meagher Math Prize to be awarded to a deserving RHS graduate ths spring.
Gordon Dick passed away on September 11, 2008 We sent flowers in the name of the Class of '57 and some of us including Dave Benson, Tony DiPrima and Neil Abelson attended the funeral.
A map locating all our classmates and teachers. It's password protected (same as for classmate contact info). Email Dave Benson if you don't have the password.
A downloadable group photo. (small, medium and large versions. Just keep clicking on the photo to enlarge.
Candid reuinion photos taken by Gina, Sona & Al, Jeanne & Richard, Rochelle & Charlie, Linda & Dave, Gail & Don and others.
Mr. Meagher's page and the 25 page letter he sent us. Plus there's an algebra proof to follow if you're so inclined.

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Regina Zmorzynski
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Read about a visit Bob Frankfort and Mike Stoller had with
Bill Pollitt
Go Here
Look in on a post-reunion gathereing held in Florida March, 2008 Go Here
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