Brian Abbott

Neil Abelson
Richard Ashwick
David Benson
Arnold Berliner
Richard Bernstein... Walter Blacharski
June Bressler
Margo Campbell
Joanne Ceriello
Ray Christian...
Joseph Corradetti
Robert Cotsonas
Anthony Cummings
Edward Curran
Grace Dell'Ollio
Neil DellaRatta...
Anthony DiPrima
Barbara Domurat
Leonard Duchnowski...
Diane DuPage
Patricia Engert
Henry Epstein
Anita Feldman
Stephen Feldman
William Feuerbach
Carol Figaro
Constance First
Robert Frankfort
Neal Galione
Alan Gardner
Elaine Garland
Gilbert George
Robert Gilbert...
Barbara Gilberty
Peter Goldman
Marion Goodman
Martha Graves...
Marlene Greenblatt
Bjorg Gudjonsson
Mark Hackmeyer
Barbara Hagen
Arthur Herrick
Charles Hofmann
Barbara Hoole

Alice Jacoby

Bureau of Missing Classmates and Friends

So far we've found and verified the whereabouts of 114 classmates and 15 friends of our class.

Only 1 Classmate & 15 Friends of Our Class to Go

If you have any inkling as to the whereabouts of our missing classmates please contact Gina immediately. A lead might include: e-mail address; phone number; name of spouse; location of parents, siblings or children; college attended; state classmate resides in; etc. If the address we have is correct but the classmate has not verified, please let Gina know that, too. The 50th is a very special reunion and we want to include everyone! Please respond to:
Gina (Zmorzynski) Morse

Missing RHS 1957 Graduates:
Bjorg Gudjonsson -
       Moved to Iceland during Sr. year - no other information

Missing Friends of our Class:
Teresa Behringer - no information
Stephanie Bendersky - no information
Henry Davis - no information
James Desmond - lead suggested Westport, CT
Gail Ellis - no information
Sandra Fellows -
       last reported as a teaching nun at Marymount College
J. Fromartz - no information
Robert Latopolski - no information
Sandra Mannison - no information
Delores Molinaro - no information
Margaret Morace - no information
Michael Stanton - no information
Lois Stern - no information
R. Sunderlin - no information
C. Williams - no information

Shelton James
Dyan Jones
Frank Kelly
Darnell Kennedy

William Kirsch
Susan Knobler
Merike Komendant
Linda Kramer

Raymond Lasmanis
James LeMieux
Elizabeth Lindsey
Heather MacLean

Richard McGucken
Gail McVay
Janice Meinz
June Mertz
Virginia Minieri
Robert Mogull

Donald Monsour
Sandra Moskow
Joyce Moskowitz

Patricia Mullan
Arthur (Neitlich) Whitelaw
Nancy Nesbit
Ann Osvald
Ronald Perry
Marie Rizzo
Lois Rosenfeld...
Linda Rosevear
Robert Rusie
Linda Russell
Vincent Sasso
Enid (Denise) Schneider

Nina Schulman

Barbara Schweiger
Leslie Schweiloch

Maryann Scro
Neil Seid
Edward Sendlenski
Pat Sendlenski
Lynda Sheldon

Marianne Sherwood
Kathryn Smith
Elaine Snowden
Dorothy Soffer
Leo Staszak...
Michael Stoller
Rose Marie Strauch
Cynthia Sucharski
Natalie Szaro
Michael Thompson
Charles Tischler
William Travis
Barbara Truance
Gordon Tyson
Emil Varrichio
Quina Vettel
Frederick Vissicchio
Marilyn Wakschal
Richard Weinstein

Stephanie White...
Eileen Wilkinson
Joel Wineman
Loretta Wisnewski
Frederic Wyle
Marjorie Zash
Charles Zawolik

Regina Zmorzynski
Click on any name for photo and more information.
Memories, photos and information of our deceased classmates that you would like to share. We would like to offer the space on their pages as a small memorial to their lives and as a way to connect all of us in this life and the next.                              
Gina, Bill, Patsy & Dave
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