Maryann Scro
Roslyn High School - Class of 1957
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"Pleasure and action make the hours seem short. " (Anon.)
New from Mineola   .  .  .  dark, curly hair   .  .  .  thoughtful   .  .  .  (wish we knew more about you, Maryann!)

  Maryann is currently living in Birmingham, Alabama.
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    This is of Carl and me in 2002. I know it's not the most recent, but trust me folks, it don't get any better. Click Photo to Enlarge  
Hi Ya'll:
That's Southern for You Guys...
      Time Line: Married in 1958, had two sons 1960 and 1961. Moved from Massapequa to Alabama 1972, thought I had fallen off the end of the earth. Divorced in 1974 stayed in Alabama because Mother/Father/Sister/Nieces/ Nephews were here (I've since adapted to this new way of life and love it now).
       In 1982 my eldest son Joe and I started a film and video production company. It has afforded me a very nice livelihood. I invite you to visit our web site.
       In 2000 I met and married Carl Carson. (Yep, was single for 26 years). So I am now Maryann Carson. I'm happy, in good health, and enjoying the things "maturity" has to offer. We are both still working mostly part time. Carl also owns his own business, big truck body repair. When you own your own it is difficult if not impossible to fully retire. But we take lots of time off and travel. Our favorite thing to do is cruise.
      Between us we have six grandchildren. You know what they say: "grandchildren are Gods reward for not killing you own children."

See ya all at the reunion,
,  October 2006