Eileen Florence Wilkinson
Roslyn High School - Class of 1957
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"After the verb "to love," "to help" is the most beautiful verb in the world." (anon.)

"Weenie" . . . steadfast and wonderful friend . . . sunny disposition . . . Beacon Editor . . . aiming for Religious Education Director . . . sparkling and spirited cheerleader.

  Eileen is currently living in North Franklin, Connecticut

       I went from RHS to college to grad school. With only a master's degree I was fortunate enough to be offered a position as a Psychologist at Norwich Hospital in Connecticut. Over the years, I co-developed and directed several inpatient and outpatient programs designed to aid in the transition of people with mental illnesses safely into the community. My final role before retiring was directing forensic services. 
      In '65 I married and in '88 I divorced, but remain on good terms with my ex. My two sons and their wives bring comfort and joy to my life. Randy retired from Mircosoft and start a band that plays in and around Seattle. My younger son, Kerry, and his wife are both artists living in Brooklyn.
       Having no artistic talent, I decided I could at least collect works of art. I have a small collection of treasured pieces by local artists, family members and friends, including works by Pat Van De Graaf and Gina Morse.
       I love to travel when I can afford it. My last trip was an art history tour through Italy with family and Stephanie White. I am also happy to have maintained friendships with several RHS classmates and enjoy the times we manage to get together. See Stepahie's page and Gina's page for photos.

November 2006