Stephanie White
Roslyn High School - Class of 1957
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"On with the dance! Let the joy be unconfined. " (Byron)

Steph  .  .  .  the eyes have it  .  .  .  Cheerleader  .  .  .  flirtatious  .  .   .  ballerina magnifique!  .  .  .  watch that walk!!  .  .  .  BLS.

  Stephanie passed away in 2005

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Stephanie and Eileen at Bargello Palace in Florence, Italy. Click on Photo to Enlarge
      On August 9, 2005, our friend, Stephanie White, lost her ten-year battle with cancer at Norwalk Hospital Hospice, Norwalk Connecticut.
      Only three weeks prior, Stephanie enjoyed a mini-reunion with RHS friends, Eileen Wilkinson, Patti (Engert) VandeGraaf, Dyan (Jones) Corsner and Heather (MacLean) Stephan at Regina (Zmorzynski) Morse's home in Albany.  Invited, but unable to attend were friends Gail (McVay) Jullie, Kathy (Smith) Davis and Barbara (Hoole) Keitz.  We attended a Lovin' Spoonful concert, went to an art show, visited the Museum of Dance and attended a ballet performance by the New York City Ballet Company, of which Stephanie was a former member.  Stephanie had a wonderful time, as did we all.
      In the wee hours of July 22, it was necessary to call an ambulance for our dear friend.  At Albany Medical Center it was determined that Stephanie's illness had returned in several new sites and was very aggressive.  She underwent several surgical procedures before returning home with her son, Robbie Swartz.
      One of Stephanie's greatest joys was waking each morning to the sight of Long Island Sound through her bedroom picture window.  Her family visited with her at her home in Milford, Connecticut before it was necessary to move her to hospice care.  Stephanie lapsed into a coma August 8 and passed away the afternoon of August 9.  She is survived by three children, several grandchildren, her brother and many friends, especially Eileen Wilkinson who was a great source of moral support to Stephanie during her illness.
      I will remember Stephanie as the vivacious and talented person she was in high school and remained throughout her lifetime.  She performed with the New York City Ballet as well as another ballet company, and was a top selling realtor.  It is a blessing to her friends that we were able to spend some of Stephanie's last days reminiscing with her and accompanying her to the ballet that was such an important part of her life.  I know Stephanie enjoyed this time with us very much.  She will be missed.

                                                                                               Gina (Zmorzynski) Morse