Roslyn High School - Roslyn, NY
Class of 1957

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Roslyn School and Village Photos
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      The "new" Roslyn High School.
       I poked around RHS one Friday late in the afternoon when practically no one was there....  some thoughts about the new RHS... everyone is bemoaning the loss of the school we knew and loved... well most of us anyway...
       I’ve got a question... if you had stayed in Roslyn and raised the next generation of RHS students wouldn’t you have wanted the best for your kids?  Well, in my opinion, that’s exactly what happened to RHS... it grew and grew and got better and better... Roslyn High was rated one of the top 10 schools in the country by the Wall Street Journal in 2004... granted they have recently run into some nasty people problems...  but I’m here to tell you that our old school has developed into an impressive facility that we should all be proud of... while the building is new, our spirit and enthusiasm are still there going strong... Roslyn, to you we sing...  David Benson